[Shope] is a great player. She athletic and can shoot the ball really well. She averaging something like 20 points a game. Rules require consistency and must be clear and specific. Preferences can be vague and do not require consistency. If a rule is broken, a consequence is issued every time.

22 tied for the most in a Big Ten game this year and ties for 10th in school history. It was his second career 30 point game, as Shields had 33 against Illinois in 2013 14.With his 35 point game against UNO, he became one of only 14 players in school history including Petteway with multiple 30 point games in school history.Collected his fourth career double double against Central Arkansas with 16 points all in the first half and 11 rebounds while dishing out four assists.Scored 18 points on just four field goal attempts, hitting all four shots from the floor while going 10 of 10 from the charity stripe. The 6 foot 10, 237 pounder is one of the toughest matchups in college basketball, as he is a skilled shooter who hit 41 percent from 3 point range.

Gov. Cooper requested a meeting or call with Secretary Zinke to explain the risks of seismic testing and drilling off of North Carolina’s coast and demand an exemption for North Carolina like Florida received. In a letter to Secretary Zinke, Gov. She finished with “This is not the end of it. Many of our co op members are now working with a Manitoba developer who specializes in senior friendly housing projects in smaller communities, owned by local investors rather than a co op. They are very successful, with completed projects scattered across the Prairie Provinces.

Debt financing is something most of us live with in one way or another, whether it’s a home mortgage, a student loan, a credit card minimum, an auto payment, or a business loan. “Cash on the barrelhead” is rarely a way of life anymore. Instead we look for the loan agreement form most suited to our needs, or read carefully through and ask for a lawyer for advice before signing..

“People I talk to across the country seem to think it’s just a basketball tournament and don’t seem to understand why I come every year. It’s about our nations coming together. It’s celebrating sports, our people, our athletes; some of our older people too, the food.

CNN has repeatedly had people in Ferguson talk about Mike Brown body being left in the street for hours. Mike Brown mother has been interviewed and said she was not allowed to go to his body when the body was in the street. A CNN panel discussion included a person who gave a detailed factual reason why Mike Brown body was handled the way it was.