23, 2012 in a church parking lot. Plano police Officer David Tilley said Friday that nobody was hurt, but Travis and another woman were ticketed for simple assault, a Class C misdemeanor similar to a parking citation. Travis was arrested Aug. Stuart , FL On Thursday, August 20, 2009, a group of local, Christian business leaders were afforded a thought provoking message by Mr. Tom Craton, the General Manager of WCNO Christian Radio, Palm City. Craton challenged and encouraged members of the Christian Business Fellowship of Martin County with a reminder that in these challenging times, many Christian professionals are to be an example to others.

Believe we have the opportunity do a better job supporting local business. They are the building block of our economy and our strength. I have a number of ideas and will also be engaging businesses to get their views on how we can support them more, he said.an important time in our city and I am excited and willing to serve the community as mayor.

I needed my art it was the only thing I was physically able to do. It’s one of the only things I could concentrate on that I didn’t have to think too much it comes naturally. When I started painting for myself, I found my unique style.”. One wants to see anybody hurt. I just think that there a desire for answers, and right now there just lots of questions, not a lot of answers. Who is now a city councillor, said a sexual harassment complaint in the summer of 2013 took him by surprise, and led to the Liberal party asking him to resign to the Premier.

Had people ask me, you mean the mission is still going on? says Suzanne Dodd, the Voyager project manager at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Assumed that it had stopped after it passed Neptune. Far from it. Stephan Persson At a net worth of $24 billion, Persson comes in at number 34 on the world billionaires list and has the title of the wealthiest person in Sweden. Persson was head of H until 1998. His son Karl Johan is the current CEO and is also on the billionaires list, as is Persson sister and two other children.

Dun feel lk wrkin. Jus wanna slack slack slack. But there no person to slack wif me. This will keep that area more visible for the police. All apartments will be told that they need to figure out how to have enough parking for their residents. Residents in the single family house that surround the apartments will be given parking permits all other cars will be towed with some revenue going to the city to fund the policing of this area.