A neighbor who wants to remain anonymous tells me a little before 1, she heard a male and two females arguing just people yelling and screaming talking about they wanted to leave, and they had to leave, but weren’t going to leave. It was a lot of yelling by the people outside. She tells me a few minutes later.

To the uninitiated it might appear that the traffic is just chaos a snarling, honking beast whose only aim is to prevent any pedestrian from ever crossing the street. That, of course, is one of its prime functions. But within this apparent mayhem, there are actually rules or at least battle lines that only the foolhardy ignore.

The governor said their approach is different. We are being much more aggressive. Why? Because we are much more aggressive; we New Yorkers. Effective ‘street proofing’ begins at home .1. Teach children their name (especially their last name), address, telephone number and parents’ names, places of work and contact numbers. Also, how to Dial 911 at home and from a public telephone in an emergency situation.

“Socialism is apparently quite dead. Government will not, and cannot, plan the economy for human good; where that was tried (USSR) the result was catastrophe for the people and the environment. Chinese socialism has invited capitalism to grow the economy under non democratic rule, and capitalism is only too happy to oblige.

It’s a sprawling place with a variety of rooms leading to a big, open, tented area filled with young locals, casual guitar strummers, and nearly nightly flamenco music from about 22:30 to midnight. On a recent visit, I found the audience’s reaction to the intense performance as riveting as the dance. (Youngsters in the audience found the dancer’s contorted face, demonic expression, and outstretched arms terrifying but at least they were getting a cultural experience!).

But it was amazing, and I think that at the end of every day, coming out of the truth of the Weston family, and into our own truths of who we are together, there was always a hello and a kiss and an I love you, and that was really the elixir that I needed to come in the next day and to climb over the next table to choke her in the next way. It s very scary to do that kind of stuff. You have to feel really safe with that person.

Kurt MacLaughlin scored all three goals as the Royals edged the North Nova Gryphons 3 2. The winger fired the game winner on a goalmouth scramble with 15 seconds left in regulation time. The Royals trailed 2 1 heading into the final period, but MacLaughlin, on a shot top shelf tied the game with 3:40 remaining, put the host team into the championship game..