The truth is: You CAN design the perfect life and you CAN design the perfect business. How does it sound to you to be earning 6 figures a year, working 40 weeks a year, 3 4 days a week? Inviting? This is not a dream it is achievable. It won happen overnight, but with some planning and hard work it can be a reality sooner than you think..

When I came out as a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipient, I knew it would be risky for my career. I have been able to create a life that many dream about. But seeing other DACA recipients with much less than I have risking their freedom to protest and petition for a fix to the broken immigration system gave me the courage to step forward..

Croatan Ridge, an eight bedroom, nine and a half bathroom, all inclusive home was built with your special event in mind. Located in Buxton on the edge of the sound, this luxury home is the perfect setting for a ceremony in front of the sunset and an evening under the stars. The main house accommodates everyone in your wedding party and every item on your wish list with six king and two double bunk masters, elevator access, high end audio and video systems, a gourmet kitchen, wrap around decks, a private 20′ x 40′ pool area and more.

“I prepared my usual talk about some interesting ham radio stories over my 50 years as a ham, how we can talk all over the world, and I brought some QSL cards from rare places to show the group. I have given that talk many times, and it usually impresses people but not this time. I was surprised to see flat, uninterested faces.””I realized that I had to change my approach to the presentation if I was going to keep the attention of these young people.

All those fields seem to be pretty secure areas. If you can get a job there in the first place (not hard in health and education), you probably got one for life. In health care, you apparently don even need an advanced degree.. Proud that our county was able to get 5 engines and a leader to help down. Arcata Fire Chief Justin McDonald says, always concerning when you see engines from Oregon, Arizona and Utah coming in to help. I was glad that we were able to send a group down to assist.

The Cambria County Board of Commissioners met on Thursday for the last time this year and said goodbye to President Commissioner Doug Lengenfelder who lost the reelection last month. On Thursday supporters and opponents alike spoke out after he gave his final thoughts. His hard work and dedication and going above and beyond the call of duty has helped all of us.