On December 4th 1935, 6 year old Hildegarde Domagk fell on the stairs at home; the needle she was carrying was driven into her hand up to the wrist and broke off. Despite surgical removal of the needle, a streptococcal infection spread through her arm; it looked as if amputation of the arm was her only chance. Gerhard Domagk treated his daughter with Prontosil and the infection cleared up.

Prior to the start of the slide presentation, Dunn recapped the history of the Sacandaga Valley, which would later become the lake. He noted that prior to the Ice Age, the Sacandaga River, which feeds the lake, actually drained into the Mohawk River. But following the Ice Age, as the glacier receded to the north, the configuration of the landscape changed to such a degree that the water now flowed northeast into the Hudson River..

Why Dream Believe Create? There was a time when I felt I could not create anything. My self talk was, I am not a creative person, I’m not smart enough, I can’t do this. After seeing images projected at the first workshop I took, I dreamed of becoming a good photographer.

One can imagine that opportunities to inspire me to write would have arisen during the past months. Outdoor activities of late, an expansion of the dogs’ play area, enclosed with 90 feet of hog wire fence, and a complete redo of the 10 year old cedar wood deck, these did not impinge on my personal space. Neither of these projects is completed, to date, surprise..

On Friday, March 4th, we are honored to hear from our Pastor, Willie George at our Men’s Breakfast. As I have sat under his teaching and experienced his leadership for the past 25 years, I am left speechless with the wisdom I have watched. And what a great opportunity to hear from him in such an intimate setting.

“Under Melissa’s stewardship, Miller Theatre has continued to enhance its role as a critically acclaimed venue for contemporary and classical music and dance in New York City, while increasing attendance and the number of theater subscriptions,” Bollinger said. “She also succeeded in forging new partnerships among theSchool of the Arts, the Music Department and arts organizations across the city and region. Melissa’s position in New York City’s performing arts scene, combined with her deep familiarity with the University’s culture, ensures that the Arts Initiative will be able to build on its success in connecting Columbia’s students, faculty and alumni to the creative life of our campus and the larger world.”.