‘We, the undersigned, are extremely concerned about the rising climate of fear, growing intolerance, and violence towards critical voices who challenge orthodoxy or fundamentalism in India,’ they wrote in a letter.(Picture: Demotix/Corbix)’Intolerance’ is the wrong word to use for the lynching, shooting, burning and mass murder of fellow human beings,’ Roy wrote in the Indian Express.’Life is hell for the living too. Whole populations millions of Dalits, Adivasis, Muslims and Christians are being forced to live in terror, unsure of when and from where the assault will come.’And Kapoor described the Indian government as ‘a Hindu version of the Taliban’.MORE: A swastika was projected onto the Houses of Parliament ahead of Indian PM Modi’s visitMORE: The Queen’s being sued by India for 100m Koh i Noor diamond’India is a country of 1.25 billion people, including 965 million Hindus and 170 million Muslims. We have a long tradition of tolerance and, despite differences, have managed to pull our huge country together,’ he wrote in the Guardian..

Athletically, Holt was a standout outside shooter in his playing days at Lee High School in Huntsville, AL, under legendary Head Coach Jerry Dugan and at Snead State Community College where he played for Gid Riddle and Craig Roden. After leaving Snead, Holt decided to work on his dream of coaching so he came back to his hometown, received his degree in 1996 at AAMU and then joined the staff. Holt has always been a person who will go out of his way to help other programs at the university, such as football, volleyball etc..

It sounds exhausting, honestly. But is it more exhausting than spending the entire day as I did recently stewing over a woman who cut me off at the gas pump?Here a great thing about my son lack of a filter: You don ever have to worry about him talking about you behind your back because if he annoyed he will tell you in person, even if you a grown up. I think that an honorable trait and one I work hard to emulate..

Law enforcement officials are dealing with a major accident on I 41 northbound south of Johnson Street. And reportedly involved a semi and vehicle. Flight for Life and ambulances were called for. It messy. Not only that, all the rental equipment at the hill needs to be waxed. So there was a need.”.

One of the more moving images of Tornado ’89 rose from the rubble at Gates Cleaners, located at the corner of Whitesburg Drive and Airport Road. A state trooper sifting through rubble in the tornado’s wake made a discovery that would lead to an image so many will never forget. He recovered a clock from the building, and noticed it had stopped at 4:37, the exact time the tornado struck the business and took the lives of two employees, John and Wanda Lewis.