Ricardo Mathews, DE, Steelers: Mathews was taken to the locker room in the first quarter after sustaining a right ankle injury. The team downgraded the rotational defensive lineman from questionable to out in the third quarter. He has just one sack this season, but Mathews would be a significant loss for a Steelers team that’s already thin along the D line..

PARRIS ISLAND, SC The white school bus sits idling as its passengers eagerly await what lies outside its folding doors. No one is certain what time it is, but the completely black skies outside the bus hint that midnight has come and gone. Despite all the nervous men on the bus, one sits calmly with his head down, staring at his legs..

Messenger service is so ubiquitous that some traders and brokers put their screen names on their business cards.The messages are often riddled with jargon and abbreviations that may look like a jumble of letters and numbers to those unfamiliar with the lingo. Names flash red to announce a new message. Interested buyers can send an instant message, or IM, to a trader to make a deal.When a customer of Paramount Options Inc.

North Western Province which covers the Police Divisions of Kurunegala, Kuliyapitiya, Nikaweratiya, Puttalam and Chilaw altogether recorded 488 road deaths. This region has a large fleet of commercial vehicles, motor cycles and three wheelers compared to other regions. Besides, most through traffic to other provinces traverse through the roads in this province, hence this could be a contributory factor..

The colors in this image represent the motion of the gas: blue is material moving toward us, red moving away. The areas in green are low velocity and consistent with rotation around a black hole. The white in the central region means the gas is moving both toward and away at very high speed, the conditions illustrated in the artist impression.

Then, there’s the drive back home, exploring the historical routes between cities and towns. This is where many RV owners say the full benefits of ownership are realized. Enjoying the great American landscape from one’s own Class A or C motor home gives these travelers an independence and a comfort level unknown by those who commute to and from vacation via plane or car.

Europe may be the second largest market in terms of revenue after North America.Asia Pacific is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13% from 2015 to 2022. India China jointly accounted for over 65% of the global diabetic base in 2013. This could benefit the worldwide market in the years ahead.Major players in the glucose biosensor industry are LifeScan Inc., Abbott Laboratories, F.