Basically all it says is hashtag please stand. You’d think such an ad would score big time with everyone. But not, apparently, with the nfl. An experiment like this could feel awkward in front of a sales associate. Renting motor homes prior to purchase allows would be owners to know if the beds are comfy, the showers and water pressure are functional, the chairs are adequate, the kitchen is big enough, etcetera. Renting even just one to determine not only its form, but it’s function too, can result in a joyous marriage between a motor home and her happy travelers..

A: The most difficult part was probably letting go of the people I used to hold on to, because I grew up with a lot of the people that I partied with, and I had to decide that letting them go was going to be beneficial for me, because holding on to them was only investing time into them that I wasn’t giving to myself. That aloneness that I felt when I had no friends when I first sobered up was later on filled by true friendship with people that will last forever. So, it worked itself out in the end..

“A lot of active weather, we’ve been trying to gather as many of the reports as we can to get a sense of was there a path of damage, a real organized track of damage or was it damage scattered around the area,” said Coulson. “At this point it seems to be pockets of damage here and there, mostly tree damage but I guess some sheds took some damage as well. Certainly seems to be on the lower end of the damage scale, winds would be consistent with speeds of 90 to 100 km/h in many of the cases.

Was definitely so happy to get that save, Miller said. Just gave us more momentum to keep going. Of the point of the game that it happened, for Molly to make that save in that moment is the reason why she one of the best players in Dayton, hands down, Rasey said.

“I urge you to take the time to think about it take stock of where you are,” says Maracle, whose acting roles included Sarah Bull on Blackstone. “Think about what you have accomplished and think about where you want to go. Stop and think about where you are, and breathe and take the time to dream.”.

Mercedes was born May 15, 1915, in Frontenac, KS, to Patrick and Ida Beseau McNeill. She had five brothers and three sisters. Sister Mercedes made first profession of vows in the Congregation of Sisters of St. And as you could see, people are still out even though it’s advised that you stay home. I actually just witnessed spin out, right here in the intersection of sprang street and veterans memorial drive. The cars spin out, luckily, they were able to gain control and continue on their way, but still, they are advising you to stay home, if you don’t have to come out.