Councilmember Petso said she was voting against changing the ordinance because no public hearing has been held; the same reason she voted against it two weeks ago. Two weeks ago that rationale was logical, because cats should not be excluded from the ordinance without a public hearing since many public hearings had been held to include them 5 years ago. Now this week the vote was to remove the statement that excluded cats, as they have been included for the past 5 years; it is therefore illogical to insist on a public hearing on a proposal to return the ordinance back to where it was, as it relates to cats.

I am relieved to hear that the proposal has been withdrawn. Our council and staff were repeatedly unable to answer simple questions such as exactly how far the activity would be from Corner Brook Lake. Things like that are so fundamental to the project that it really makes you wonder how they possibly could have been informed on cumulative and indirect effects.

Oh, contraire. I know it isn’t worth arguing with people that already have their mind made up. I will never be made to believe drugs should be legalized and we will never be made to believe drugs shouldn’t be legalized. Having barely survived over eight years in Nazi concentration camps, Protestant pastor Martin Niemoller later lamented the political apathy that led to the Holocaust. One version of his poem contained the line, they came after the Jews, I was not a Jew, so I did not object. He went on to list other groups he did not belong to (trade unionists, communists, socialists, Catholics) that were also persecuted as he did nothing to protect them.

Finally, the estate tax exemption will go down to slightly more than $1 million per individual (from the current $5.12 million), and the tax rate on estates in excess of $1 million will be 55% (up from 35%). Keep in mind that your estate is comprised of any real estate you own, your retirement accounts, life insurance that is held in your name, investment account, bank accounts, automobiles, and more. You may be over the $1 million limit without even realizing it..

The sun was blazing as we headed to Barangay Hall in Cloocan City for a meeting of community volunteers. The meeting aimed to reconnect with our volunteers, gather their insights and prepare strategies and plans for the year. We arrived a few minutes late to find the hall full.

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