Were superstars, and it just brought great joy to be their father, and it hard to look ahead without them. But we all very acquainted with the brevity of life, and so as much as these years ahead without our sons bring sadness, we know that it just a brief period of time, because there is an eternity, and we will be reunited with them. It not something that we uncertain about.

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“We are proud to have the opportunity to show the VVA how much Knoxville cares about our veterans,” said Visit Knoxville President Kim Bumpas. Guest speakers including Commissioner Many Bears Grinder of the Tennessee Department of Veterans Affairs; Barry Rice, President of the Tennessee State Council, VVA,; Bill Robinson, longest held enlisted POW of Vietnam War and National VVA president John Rowan top the schedule of events. Additional programming will show how various states are providing assistance for all veterans and their families..

Winter is difficult because we can go 2 3 weeks without seeing sunshine. People get grouchy. The snow in the city it pretty for a day then gets dirty and sloppy. The quilt depicting the Lucinda cabin surrounded by native wildflowers is displayed in a handcrafted walnut frame created by the hands of another Gatlinburg craftsman, Randy Ogle, who has built solid wood furniture for over forty years at The Chair Shop. The Ogle family has been in woodworking for four generations. The woodworking shop is located in the Arts and Crafts Community..

“It’s been a Wild West in political fundraising here and people want change. Deep pockets shouldn’t decide elections. People should.” Robinson credited the District of Oak Bay and Coun. THAT RIGHT, THE MASKED MAN FIRED A SHOT INSIDE. APPARENTLY TO PROVE TO THE FRIGHTENED WORKER HE MEANT BUSINESS. WHILE CUSTOMERS COWARD IN THE BACK, THE EMPLOYEE STRUGGLED TO OPEN THE CASH REGISTER BUT COULDN SO THE SUSPECT FIRED A ROUND INTO AN EMPTY BOX ON A CHAIR.