MACLEAN: Erik is one of the best defensemen in the league and ended up with 70 points for us this year. Offensively, he’s gifted. Defensively, his competitiveness was hampered by his continuous recovery from his Achilles tendon injury he had last year.

One or two isolated showers are possible heading into tonight with partly cloudy skies. Otherwise, we’re dry until we head into your wednesday. We’ll see light to moderate showers move into our northwestern counties, mainly north and west of the natchez trace parkway into wednesday morning.

Residential municipal property taxes are calculated based on the assessed value change of an average residential property. The average is derived from the average assessed value of all dwellings (houses, apartments, townhouses, etc.) In 2016, an average Port Moody residential assessment increased by 13%. Therefore, the property taxes of a residence that increased by 13% in assessed value increased by 4.98%, which is the Council approved tax increase for 2016 (based on the average household).

Steinman, a Nelson resident and board director for the Kootenay Country Store Co operative Canada’s largest independent consumer food co operative is best known for hosting and producting the Kootenay Co op Radio show, Deconstructing Dinner. In his radio show, which ran from 2006 2011, he discussed where our food comes from and the issues around transportation, environment and food security. He is an advocate for more resilient regional food systems.

Ohlmiller, who did not make the Team USA roster, will return for a senior campaign at Stony Brook. Her younger sister Taryn (65G, 36A) will be back, and she’ll be reunited with Courtney Murphy, a 100 goal scorer a season ago who appeared with Ohlmiller in a preseason photo shoot in Inside Lacrosse Magazine before injuring her ACL. There will be plenty of points scored on Long Island, but also a continuation of what’s been built culture wise..

HAIL, HAIL, the gang’s all here, but to what purpose? Mike Huckabee is showing symptoms of still another presidential campaign, and all the old familiar faces are back his daughter Sarah, his spokesflack Alice Stewart And they’re not getting any younger. Is this going to be a presidential campaign? Or a way for Brother Huckabee to continue his Fox News show under a different name? Maybe he’s just moving his revival tent from television to the campaign trail in the spirit of William Jennings Bryan, who was as much evangelist as politician. Veterans pictured from left; John Smith, Army and Air Force; Sonny Haywood, Navy; Martin Simmons, Army; George McWorter, Army; George Porchia, Army; Autry Sams, Army; Calvin Nichols, Marines; George Russell, Army; Ivory Neal, Army; and Felton Purifoy, Army.