The powwow will be held on Dec.30 at the CLE Grounds in the Coliseum from 1 PM to 12 AM. The emcee is Jim Mishquart, with Todd Genno acting as the arena director. The host drum is Spirit Wind Singers of Thunder Bay, and the co host drum is Stone Bridge Singers from Grand Portage, MN.

It’s one of the government’s Scan droids hovering above you. The Scan droid was dark blue in colour utilizing a repulsor pad to levitate. The droid scanned you for a brief moment before rising back up into the orange yellow sky.. Holyoke, MA, Mayor Alex MorseMayor Alex Morse is one of Mass Mentoring Partnership’s Mayors for Mentoring, a campaign that engages mayors throughout in raising awareness of the need for more mentors; recognizing local mentoring programs and their participants; and encouraging ways for individuals and communities to get involved in mentoring. At the Holyoke Health Center, Morse proclaimed January as National Mentoring Month and talked about how mentoring has affected his life, as well as its importance to the city. “Mentoring programs are a proven and powerful community strategy that impacts the wide variety of critical social issues facing the young people of the City of Holyoke,” he said.

In case you hadn’t noticed, winter is here and along with winter comes rain and snow and wet, cold feet. The Academie today wants to show you a few stylish ways to keep your feet warm and dry. Because you don’t want to sacrifice your entire outfit just to keep your feet cozy.

Growing up in a small town in central Illinois we listened to country and country rock like Willie Nelson and Marshall Tucker. At home I heard all different kinds of music from my parents; my father sang in the church choir and my mom sang and played piano. But my first exposure to jazz was dad’s record collection of big band swing Glenn Miller, The Dorsey Brothers, Woody Herman.

The century old house converted to a women shelter in the mid 1980s was built into the edge of the rock, whose fingers reach out into its basement. The foundation of the 10 bedroom house shifts, causing doors to stick and waves to develop in the floors. Sealant covers the mold in the basement that developed from water running down the walls in the spring melt..

In the past year the Council decreased that pay to $2,500. Moore says the council president gets invitations to a lot of community events and with preparation for council meetings should receive more than the current $300 stipend a year. The Council also approved a liquor license for the Commonwealth Coffee Company and Deli, which will be located in the Riverside Apartments that are going up at the corner of North Macy Street and Merrill Avenue..