Shields had a big night, running the ball for 198 yards and four touchdowns on 11 carries, Krue Thwaits added 66 yards and three touchdowns on nine carries and Blake Smith had 147 yards and a touchdown on seven carries as the Bulldogs ran for 466 yards as a team. Zach Vagedes was 3 for 5 passing for 45 yards, with Smith grabbing two passes for 27 yards. The Bulldog defense, meanwhile, only gave up one rushing yard in the game and 174 total yards, grabbing three interceptions and picking off two passes..

Access to Hines Pond will be limited to foot paths from the private lots and only one dock on the commonly held lot. No motor boats will be allowed on Hines Pond. Lake access from the private lots on Woodworth Lake will be limited to foot paths leading to docks and, where necessary, a boardwalk not to exceed 100 square feet..

Making up buttons with your logo and address on them are great for sponsored events as well. Does your restaurant support a local youth sports team? Making up buttons to let people know who you sponsor and to give out to the team players is a great way to get the word out that you are involved in the community. Staff members can wear these buttons in the restaurant to let guests know that your establishment inspires youth activities.

Islamist terrorists and suicide bombers, as we know, have almost universally been single young men. With proper screening by police and security agencies, Hillier argues, any bad seeds can be weeded out, not over a period of years, but of months. More to the point, he says, “we’ve got to stop being afraid of our own shadow.”.

You can either use commercial cleaners or create one with ingredients found from common household items. An important point to remember is to know the type of cleaning products suited for your hardwood floor. Below are some hardwood cleaning products:Removing the dirt and grime off your sealed and finished hardwood floors is now easier with oil soaps.

And Chaney, Amy and Downes, Kate and Ghori, Mohammed J. R. And Gwilliam, Rhian and Hunt, Sarah E. He says, I hearing from people out scouting is that they can see bottom in most areas on the Upriver Lakes, but those lakes in general are a lot shallower so you can get by and have a successful season with dirtier water relative to Lake Winnebago where most of the spearing is taking place in 12 to 18, 19 feet of water. Koenigs points out the last two seasons on Lake Winnebago the water clarity averaged nine to nine and a half feet and both those seasons went the full 16 days. Sturgeon spearing season begins Saturday..