“There been an unprecedented price spike on the price we (Superior) pay for propane and ultimately the price that consumers pay in the last couple months,” said Robinson. “It a bit of perfect storm three or four main reasons. We had sustained cold weather, not just in one area, but across North America.

Dayton may not always be right but he willing to think outside the box and look at issues from different perspectives. He hasn been afraid to bring up the idea of consolidation which is badly needed in our area. The state of New York is willing to pay a lot of money for municipalities to consolidate.

Davey added that he empathizes with the purpose of the voucher law to help those students trapped in substandard schools. It became the nation’s first statewide plan a year later when the Legislature passed it during the 1999 session. The first vouchers were given to students from two Pensacola elementary schools the next year..

First, Kemper did not request the helipad for his personal use. Kemper requested the helipad because tenants (Bellevue residents) asked for it. It is open to any helicopter that abides by the safety rules. Still know what? I would hope that wouldn be the sole source of any type of motivation, Esks head coach Chris Jones said, with what may have been a twinkle in his eye, they had a real good night last night. Has changed about the Eskimos since Jones moved his no nonsense regime in last year, but this hasn from way back in the Hugh Campbell era: low profile during Grey Cup week. The lower the better..

Entry into World War I opens at Mountain Gateway Museum Monday, March 27. Mountain Gateway Museum will present the free exhibit of 10 informational panels and related artifacts through May 17. It’s a great way to show appreciation for “The war to end all wars.” The centennial exhibit will travel statewide in 2017..

The most common cause of bleeding gums is poor oral care and gum disease. There are some other medical conditions, however, for which bleeding gums are a symptom. These conditions include, but are not limited to diabetes, leukemia, vitamin deficiency, and other bleeding disorders.

“I have been a community member for 58 years and I cannot imagine growing up or raising my family and the many foster children I have fostered anywhere else but here,” she said. “Living in Wabigoon has opened my eyes to many different experiences. Wabigoon is a family community, and through thick and thin we are there for one another.”.