An open house with live music took place during Colfax winter festival Dec. 6. On New Year Eve, the Colfax Theater will be welcoming Twanna Turner, daughter of Rock Roll Hall of Famer Ike Turner. But starting this year. All my workshops (and workshops from last year). Will be open for an entire year! So you will have plenty of time to create and play! (so if you joined any of my workshops from last year.

“This building is in significant danger of collapse. Any residents choosing to remain in the building risk the possibility of serious injury or death.”In a letter sent Monday from Carolina Beach Chief Building Inspector Darrell Johnson, initial requirements of the homeowner’s association are outlined, followed by the course of action that will need to take place to get the building back up to code.First on the list is installing a safety fence, followed by the aforementioned July 14 deadline for an engineer evaluation which will have to be submitted to the Building Inspections Department.”This evaluation should include the structure’s ability to withstand winds which might result from a tropical storm or hurricane,” the letter read. “We would like for the engineers to be in constant contact with the town as new information becomes available to ensure we can stay in front of this situation.”The letter went on to state that once evaluations are completed and a plan of action is provided to Carolina Beach officials, Johnson’s office will help with obtaining proper permits and making sure inspections are completed.Until then, “The building is condemned and as such, it should remain unoccupied.”Kitz said the property was rented out for the entire summer.

The organizer of the annual Moody Jamboree is bringing almost his whole family to the main stage at The Centre for the third time. The Moody Family were in the first Kickin concert back in 2007 and again in 2011, so they are overdue and a most welcomed act to entertain the audience. Band members include: Neil, Scott, Ben, Will Moody, Colton McDonald and adopted family member, Lawrence Russell on mandolin..

A living history section features people dressed in period clothing to exhibit what life was like during the Revolutionary War. There are vendors in this area as well selling handmade items like leather goods, wooden toys, and iron tools. These craftsmen are demonstrating their craft right there on the festival grounds, and they love to share their knowledge.

Francis was born in Sioux Lookout Ontario on October 26 1940 to Bill and Agnes. He was a pin setter at the bowling lanes in Sioux Lookout. Franny then went to work for Trans Air Limited for a number of years, he also worked for Twin City Refreshments.