Her art reflects her experiences of living and traveling down the dusty side roads of rural Oklahoma. She began a serious study of art under the watchful eye of instructor Paul Walsh before attending Southwestern Oklahoma State University and then receiving her degree in Art Education at East Central University. Following graduation, she taught Art and Graphic Design.

“The fact is that we have to give this specialty training to our deputies, and to enforce the fact that they are mandated reporters they have to follow up, they have to cross report to Child Welfare,” said Sheriff Honsal, “It is very important that they get all of this training. The more and more exposure that we get to the deputies how to investigate these kinds of incidents it going to benefit the county. Signs of abuse and neglect show up in our schools, but issues exist there, too..

Peter was a member of the Royal Regina Golf and Country Club and spent many hours improving his golf game. He was a staunch supporter of Notre Dame College in Wilcox, SK and spent many happy hours cheering the Hounds Teams on. Peter and Rosemary moved to Kelowna in 2009 for their retirement..

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Congress needs leaders, and I’m not talking about more of the career politicians who only lead themselves to higher office and bigger paychecks on the backs of the American people I mean real leaders. Leaders who will go to Washington and unapologetically gut our bloated bureaucracy. Leaders who will fight for our East Tennessee Christian values and uphold the Constitution..

These same tips hold true for campfires and charcoal grills as well. Douse burning charcoal briquettes or campfires thoroughly with water. When soaked, stir the coals and soak them again. Guitarist Slash of Velvet Revolver and of Guns N Roses is 52. Actor Juan Pope (formerly J. Lamont Pope) ( Name Is Earl, Matters is 50.

With mass bombing, acts of terrorism on crowded streets, and North Korea rattling of sabers, William Faulkner words in his Nobel Prize address resonate: tragedy today is a general and universal physical fear so long sustained by now that we can even bear it. There are no longer problems of the spirit. There is only one question: When will I be blown up? with me to a time in your life that was positive and be mindful of what was special about it; the people, the sounds, the smells, the taste, the texture of that experience..