“One of the things that I’ve learned is that there are signs, and if you look for them they are there and it isn’t as crazy as we think it is and we brush everything off as coincidence or things don’t mean anything but when I look back on things and I look at the dates I think it’s just too much to be a coincidence,” said Queau. “I think that we are looked at, we are looked after, we do get signs, we do get warnings, we don’t always listen; I tend to listen better now than I did before. I’ve always been very open minded and I think it’s a good thing I was brought up that way.”.

GLEN CRT PL. CREST WOOD KE LY ST. BAYVIEW TOWER JOANNE CRT LANE BROOKS ST DR. Sometimes the most life changing lessons happen outside the perimeter of campus. But you don’t always know that until you arrive. Immerse yourself in another culture while earning credit.

DEAR JEANNE LEONARD: A friend father moved into an independent living facility a few years ago, a facility to which I like to move my mother. This friend has mentioned that she got a great deal for her father. But when I recently asked her exactly how much he is paying, she wouldn tell me.

Could we, should we, coulda, woulda, shoulda for mercy on her soul. Reach out to SOMEBODY, a stranger, someone and tell them what you are feeling We need to love one another and ourselves more. Blessings to you all, appreciate those in our lives today because we never know who is struggling to that extent.

Finally, in the few weeks we’ve been in operation at our new facility, we’ve seen more brand new faces than in the last few months at the old place. We’ve been the recipients of more inquiries and curiosity than ever before. I find this very heartening because this is precisely our aim.

August 4, 1989IMPORTANT VISITOR. A wish came true for Iceland President Vigdis Finnbogadottir when she visited Markerville. The Alberta community of 55 residents was poet Stephan Stephansson’s home. The Bee long ago expanded to include sponsors from all corners of the world, but the growing popularity of the program in the United States is underscored by the attendance this year of 266 American spellers, surpassing last year record of 265.The Scripps National Spelling Bee is the culmination of months and often years of preparation. Twenty five percent of the spellers have competed in the Bee previously or have family members who have competed in the Bee. All of the spellers have qualified to compete in the Bee by winning locally sponsored spelling bees in their home communities.The first day of competition for the Bee begins Wednesday, June 2, at the Grand Hyatt Washington.