Finally they had to launch the boats and hope for the best. They could only hold out, try to sleep and be as rested and prepared as possible. As they crept into the sleeping bags, the crashing of the breaking waves was deafening and the water foamed outside the tent walls.

Where there is a boom, though, there may be a bust. Read any headline from your local newspaper, and you see headlines such as “Bye Bye, Housing Boom” to “Housing Boom is Leveling Off.” Some economic forecasters predict a bubble that may be about to burst. They make you wonder: am I missing the boat?.

And when they present themselves, don hesitate. That been a big part of our success. No hesitation, open to partnering with anybody, and always trying to build a relationship where it beneficial to you, but it also beneficial to the person that you working with.

Lets us come together and move past this disaster. I personally believe that all of the things that are happening within the past few years are a wake up call. Unfortunately, some of us are still sleeping. The tournament will feature three pools of five teams and one of six. Tournament results from regular season competition will be used to determine the rankings for provincials. At the conclusion of divisional round robin play, the top 10 teams will continue in Level 1 play, while the next eight will compete in Level 2.

Lottery winnings are usually distributed in two different ways: a lump sum or as an annual annuity. In my opinion, you are crazy if you choose to have your winnings distributed to you over a long period of time. It makes no sense. The great Spring Smoke out of 3/21 was a billed as the first of a series of planned civil disobedience protests here in New Jersey, designed to bring awareness and change to the plight of the victims of the Pot Prohibition Gov. Chris Christie and State Assemblywomen Mary Pat Angelini so steadfastly embrace. It went off without a hitch.

Colfax advanced to the finals with Thursday decisive win over host Live Oak as Ahrens meshed 20 points and O followed with 17. Colfax broke the game open by connecting on seven three point baskets over the Lions zone defense. Vic Edwards, Green, and Sawi all added strong all around games in the win.

Tanya Lee BeverlyChipp: Entrance ScholarshipTenable at St. Francis Xavier University in the amount of $500 for the first year and $1,000 a year for three years thereafter, for a total of $3,500; St. Andrew District Community Center Awarded to a hard working student from the St.