Responsibilities: Students will have on site responsibilities, which will be determined in consultation with the site supervisor, and academic responsibilities, which will begin with identifying a suitably narrow area of academic interest related to the practical experience. Students will use the narrow focus to identify and properly summarize empirical journal articles, later integrate those summaries into a research synthesis, and lastly, present their work at the end of the semester. A more complete description of these activities, as well as the means of evaluation, is presented below..

Collaboration is key. My boss at Lucky magazine told me that if I do one thing it should be to collaborate and loop people into your ideas and projects. Don’t be territorial. Th e wait times for one and two bedroom social housing apartments are up. The percentage of kindergarten aged children in Kingston’s north end who are not ready for school because of a combination of factors including poor communication skills and general knowledge, language development, emotional health and maturity, and physical health and well being is up. Th e cost of a nutritious food basket for a family of four is up, almost a $1,000 a year.

As a former teacher at West, I am proud that we have a group of students who are courageous enough to uphold their faith and a leadership team that supports that. Life begins at conception, and abortion is indeed the killing of the innocent. Perhaps this will be the start of getting our youth more engaged in controversial issues that are affecting our world in negative ways, so that we can all participate in righting the wrongs of past generations, beginning with active and productive dialogue.

The cost. This country just spent A TRILLION DOLLARS in bailouts. Imagine if that money was spent developing solar manufacturing plants instead. Just like Nazism belongs in the German history books. The General Assembly must give all of Virginia municipalities the freedom to remove these symbols of subtle racism from their streets, parks, license plates, whatever. Let’s “man up” and not be scared of the very few votes from the crazy far right wing..

At the school board meeting Monday night, Superintendent Parra described several approaches the district has been considering in order to provide enrichment opportunities for students after normal school hours. “I want to bring you up to speed on after school programs,” he told the Board and audience. “We will continue having after school programs throughout the district.