”You talk about venomous, they have been the ones who have been venomous all along,” he said. ”Why did she go to Washington to appear before a Senate subcommittee to spread more disinformation about DeSoto County? She says lies about us. Their best way to fight us is to name us radicals or idiots..

Mechanical failure experienced by the Freightliner is being investigated at this time as the contributing factor in this crash. The investigation will be turned over to the Laramie County District Attorney’s office for review for any charges to be filed. This crash did cause eastbound Interstate 80 to be closed for approximately five plus hours with traffic being detoured around the crash scene with the assistance of the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office..

The facility becomes the new home for the Sisters of St. Martha after more than 95 years at Bethany Motherhouse; which sits for now just across a driveway and parking lot. St. “People warn us that we would face the same fate as Greece, but our condition is far worse because in Greece, the people hold the government accountable for all its actions. The Greeks overthrew three governments a year after the crisis began. In Lebanon, who dares to question a minister who belongs to a political party?”.

Regarding natural resources, McClintock said: Water shortages are the fault of the government. If California had more dams, there would be more water available. Environmental efforts have slowed dam building, and he wants to see that change. She was a woman who dared to say things on record, instead of just being nice all the time, and ooh la la. She was one of those women who sang about love, lust and reality. Performance will bring Fry together with an eight piece band, three accomplished vocalists (Tabby Johnson, Mariko Ohtake and Anna Sudac) and the Shout Sister! Choir..

“They’re not out on the street.”Hicks said that he is looking to see if there was any sort of violation that freed Black, Barrington and a Grady County parolee, Gordon Lewis. If so, the DA said he’s going to do what he can to put them back behind bars.As part of Prater’s letter, he said, “Immediate steps should be taken to reverse the decisions made subsequent to the Board’s invalid actions. Obviously this will include taking inmates who have been released back into custody.” The prosecutor included a list of over 50 inmates whose cases were acted upon during an invalid “Docket Modification” Agenda Item, stating any further actions taken by the Board, any other agency or the Governor is also invalid.Hicks said he was troubled that Grady County convict Quincy Foster was approved by the Board on July 19.