The suit claims that being labeled a agreement, the purported lease agreement is nothing more than construction financing and debt service for a scheme and plan to construct a courthouse on property which is already owned by the BOC, and to circumvent and evade the voters of Jackson County. Supporting that claim, the suit quotes from a 1913 Georgia Supreme Court decision that says dealing with constitutional limitations upon the power of (governments) to incur indebtedness, courts incline to look at substance rather than to form, and not to allow the mandate of the constitution to be evaded, either by mere plausible devices of language or by refined and hair splitting definitions of the meanings of words. Suit also points out that in the proposed lease purchase deal, the contract says that the deal is not true lease for federal income tax purposes, but that it is a lease Georgia law purposes.

The beginning, they tried to sell it as women liberation, said Spillar, who also directs the Feminist Majority Foundation. So they made huge outreach efforts over the years to women rights groups. But there was nothing liberating about it, Spillar said: photographs of women certainly aren empowering of those women.

Boom Noodle: For the Valentines Day Weekend (Friday through Monday) there will be the DRINK BOOM and it will be dinner for two for $57. If you prefer no drinks then the price is $35. The offer includes Vietnamese caramelized short ribs and Honey Peanut Prawns with sides of miso broiled rice cakes, spicy green beans, Kim Chee, and a White Peach Bellini to wash it down!.

“Not only that, he brings other things to the table, including killing penalties. He’s one of the hardest working guys in the league, so be brings a lot of intangibles that people may not realize, but the other coaches in the league saw. Gillis has been good all year, bringing his ‘A’ game, so it was great to see both those guys rewarded.”.

Placing your fingers into your ears while chewing is an easy way to determine if a headache is prompted by a TMJ disease. If applying pressure on the joints through the ears augments pain, then this is a sure sign. It is the dentist who has the ability to solve this problem.

Vaughan, Allen Dow (aka Frederick, aka Pete) Vaughan, Woodrow W. Vaughan, Richard H. Vaughan.. The company released a prepared statement late Wednesday in response to the continuing controversy: “Open communication has been central to a productive working relationship between our company, Vantage Energy, and the city of Denton. Since the ban on hydraulic fracturing took effect in 2014, we have maintained regular dialogue with Denton city officials, presented path forward alternatives and last week followed the city’s guidelines in communicating our plans to resume work on June 1st. Likewise, city officials announced that they are aware of our plans..