A meeting was held with Bumpas and Visit Knoxville’s new marketing manager. After brainstorming, some ideas transpired and the marketing manager was to draw up a plan within two weeks. When the KDS staff member contacted Visit Knoxville two weeks later to follow up, the marketing manager didn’t remember anything we had discussed, so another meeting was scheduled to review the ideas originally discussed.

The good news is you can raise great kids if you are equipped with the right tools and information. Central to a happy and responsible child is a healthy self esteem. And to develop their self esteem, children need three things: attention, autonomy, and limits.

In America, she was introduced to brownies and cookies which quickly became favorites. In no time at all, Mirelle put on twenty pounds. When it was time to return home she was a little nervous about what her family and friends would think of the “new” Mirelle.

In spite of such challenges and situations, Vava is never a person to back down from a challenge and is resilient in the face of obstacles. She has persisted, and is a prime role model of what a Kenyan woman entrepreneur can accomplish in Kenya. Currently, she is representing Kenya on an exciting fellowship opportunity in the USA called the Africa Women’s Entrepreneurship Program, organized by the US State Department to empower female African entrepreneurs.

The skating races have a long tradition in the community. Bill Salonen began the events back in the 1960s while he was a school teacher. During that time the Lion Winter Carnival was being held with different events such as snowmobile races, Salonen created the skating races as an event that all the children could participate in..

Euchre E i g h t p l a y e r s t u r n e d out for euchre on Feb. 19. Claiming first place was Shirley Muir and partner Laurier St. He a blast to work with which was nice because the subject matter in Still Alice was very serious. We didn have a lot of laughs in the movie, but we did off set. Also has high praise for Kristen Stewart, who plays her daughter.

Gone are the days of starched nurses’ hats secured with bobby pins and white dresses. Nursing uniforms used to come in white, white, or white leaving little room for creativity or self expression in favor of a sterile appearance. Nowadays, nurses can choose from dresses, pants, and scrubs sets in a variety of styles and fashions..

I recently phoned Roberts, who is in New Orleans where her husband works in the film industry, to talk about what it’s like being a modern mom and the inspiration behind her fast growing collection. “The idea for my clothing line started Feb. 15, 2013,” Roberts said.