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They can send coaches electronic correspondence at their own discretion. The NCAA does not view a verbal commitment as a binding agreement and therefore does not offer exceptions to recruiting legislation for those that have verbally committed.Can recruits still verbally commit prior to Sept. 1 of their junior year?Yes, they can.

Eufaula: February 15. Elevation 3 ft. Below normal, water clear. The warnings, issued by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, followed the hiker Saturday evening encounter with a cougar about halfway down the Stevens Trail, between the Colfax trailhead and the North Fork of the American River.A Sacramento TV station quoted Fish and Wildlife officials on Sunday reporting that the mountain lion was shot and killed by a warden after it approached aggressively.Preparing to set off Monday from the trailhead, 17 miles northeast of Auburn, Sacramento Christie Jackson said that the warning wasn what she wanted to hear as she started out on a hike.kind of scary, Jackson said.The initial posting on trees along the winding, scenic trail stated that: large mountain lion was spotted about 2 miles from the trailhead. Even so, the trailhead parking lot was filled with about 30 vehicles that overflowed onto the acted territorial and was aggressive toward the hiker, the Fish and Game posting stated.Citing an unnamed Fish and Wildlife officer, KCRA 3 News reported that the mountain lion was killed a day after the animal slowly circled the hiker over the course of 1 hours Saturday evening.According to the officer, the animal was shot and killed after it crouched down in apparent attack mode. Journal attempts to contact Fish and Wildlife were unsuccessful.Hikers on the trail said they were unaware of the weekend mountain lion incident but many said they take precautions when they set out on a wilderness hike in cougar country.Folsom Bob Trumm said hiking has a number of risks, including mountain lion encounters.know if I see a mountain lion, I supposed to act big by doing things like raising my coat, Trumm said.

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