With a bucket capacity of 69 m3, Big Brutus removed overburden from approximately 9,000,000 tons of coal during its operating period from 1963 to 1974 in Pittsburg and Midway Mine.Marion 6360, also known as The Captain, is largest electric shovel ever built, with a bucket capacity of 140 m3 and boom length of 66m. It was used in operation by Southwestern Illinois Coal Corporation and then by Arch Coal, before it was scrapped in early 1990.Currently 4100XPC Shovel and 7495 HF are the largest shovels built by and Caterpillar respectively. Both have a bucket capacity of 120 tons.ELECTRIC ROPE SHOVELS VS DIESEL POWERED HYDRAULIC EXCAVATORSThe December 2005 issue of International Mining describes how to choose between electric and hydraulic shovels, backhoes, and wheel loaders.

Construction jobs could be postponed at least a year. McCABE, Linda C. McCabe is a vice president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women. The yearly run follows that same path, as participants go from Red Hook, through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, and finish in Lower Manhattan. In the years since, money has been raised for a littany of notable causes. Each year the event serves as a memorial and a celebration of all those touched by the tragedy of that infamous day and all those who continue to serve others, particularly first responders and military personnel..

Hospital IT department makes top list Healthcare IT News has named Washington Regional Medical Center to its annual list of the 25 best information technology departments nationwide. Hospitals were nominated this year, with 107 qualifying for consideration. To qualify, at least 50 percent of the facility’s IT employees needed to have taken a survey from Healthcare IT News.

Among North Carolina’s largest cities, Mooresville ($2,311 per person) displaced Charlotte as having the state’s largest local government burden. Chapel Hill also moved ahead of the Queen City to rank No. 2. James LaRue, director of the ALA Office For Intellectual Freedom says the book has received hundreds of complaints, mainly from schools, about its explicit language and sexual themes; but the fact that the content isn anywhere near as graphic as in other novels which aren frequently challenged suggests it is the message and content of the book with is offending people: don want to see message so they complain about something else. They say well this is about sex. Well no it about more than sex, it about the harvesting of women bodies..