Forbes, who was responding to the area, observed a white van traveling south on Crain Highway which suddenly pulled in the parking lot of another liquor store. There, the three occupants of the van jumped out and fled. Officer Forbes apprehended one suspect; a Maryland State Trooper caught a second suspect and the third suspect escaped.

MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership is the unifying champion for quality youth mentoring in the United States. MENTOR’s mission is to close the “mentoring gap” and ensure our nation’s young people have the support they need through quality mentoring relationships to succeed at home, school, and ultimately, work. To achieve this, MENTOR collaborates with its network of affiliate Mentoring Partnerships and works to drive the investment of time and money into high impact mentoring programs and advance quality mentoring through the development and delivery of standards, cutting edge research and state of the art tools.

Although Wayfarers might be hard to get, the style isn’t Ray Ban’s best seller. The firm has orders for 4.5 million aviator style frames, introduced in 1937. Sales of those frames have grown by 40% a year since Tom Cruise wore a pair in the 1986 movie “Top Gun.” Says Salik: “He must be a popular fellow.”.

Independent, 16 Nov 1921, p. 1 Driving alone in a car at 9:30 on Friday morning, Nov. 11, Walter A. I bet against you Mr. Basha! It is new and fresh ideas like what Kevin has brought to Corner Brook in Newfound Sushi that will continue to make Corner Brook a great place to live. I think it isour collective responsibility as a community to show our support for entrepreneurs like Kevin so that not only will this new restaurant be a success but it will pave the way for would be entrepreneurs or serial entrepreneurs tocontinue to take the risks and bring other new and great things to Corner Brook.

The incentive compensation for Scripps Ventures I will be paid in 2003 based on the portfolio’s return through December 2002. Scripps Ventures II’s portfolio managers have a minority equity interest in the income of that portfolio. The estimated value of Scripps Ventures I and II’s portfolios at December 31, 2000, was $129.8 million.(d) Fourth quarter 2000 newspaper results were reduced by $6.3 million of expenses associated with preparations for the newspaper joint operating agency (JOA) in Denver.

Worst breach of judicial ethics I have seen in my time as a GOP countyA video posted on YouTube shows Berliner escorting Acker to meet with rabbis in the Hasidic Village of Kiryas Joel last Friday. Village residents tend to vote in a block following the direction of the spiritual leaders.McCormick said Berliner broke the law when he took Acker on a campaignagainst the judicial ethic for a sitting judge to campaign in any election unless that sitting judge unless that sitting judge being open because they are running for a position, which Judge Berliner is not, McCormick said.Berliner and Acker are Democrats. Acker ran against Republican Linda Murray for a State Supreme Court seat in the Ninth Judicial District, which includes the counties of Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, Orange and Dutchess..