The marriage penalty is a word that is commonly thrown around during tax season, but most people do not have a clue what this penalty is. The so called penalty is levied on couples that make enough money to put them above the 15% tax bucket. It causes personal exemptions to phase out, reductions in itemized deduction limits, and a phase out of child tax credits for those with an adjusted gross income of $110,000 or more.

And then, I think, we didn’t leave enough troops there, and we moved on to Iraq, and the war got worse and worse. Military. I was with Battle Company of the 173rd in Zabol province in 2005, and I was really amazed by those guys. I built a bird house that was crooked and uneven at the edges. Everything I tried to do was made more difficult by the judgment I knew was to follow. My adopted family came from farmer stock and using tools came as easily as walking.

“I want to thank the people of Montevideo for putting together a terrific plan to host next year’s Governor Pheasant Hunting Opener,” said Gov. Mark Dayton. “We will return to the site of our first opener in 2011. Esther Ko, currently a junior at Coppell High School, is the concertmistress of the Lone Star Youth Orchestra. Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, she began playing piano at the age of 6 and started learning violin a few months later. In first grade, she was awarded second place for piano in the National Music Competition supported by the Saint Petersburg Conservatory and Hyundai Music Publishers.

Geddes came from British Columbia to speak about his experiences over four years researching and delving into the world of Indian Hospitals.Through his research and travels Geddes got to know many survivors of these hospitals and what they went through. The picture was one of underfunded and understaffed hospitals where patients often faced abuse.Survivors of the hospitals also spoke of sterilization, shock treatment and other drug experiments.One of the drug experiments he spoke in depth about was the administration of large doses of the Polio Vaccine Simian vacuolating virus 40 (SV40) which is now linked to brain cancer.”I think we need to rewrite the national narrative and put in all of the stuff,” said Geddes. “What we’ve had in Canada is a slow motion genocide basically, speeded up at various points but it’s basically there and the components are still there in our society for that kind of racism to flourish.

But also, let there be no mistake: It was inevitable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would approve the $6.8 billion expansion of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline. This was the only rational move available to him and has been telegraphed as such, not for months, but years. Anyone voicing shock and indignation is either faking it, or hasn’t been paying attention..