1, to make posters for the following day’s rally in opposition to House Bill 1427. Thursday, Feb. 2, at the Civic Center and in front of City Hall. Tess confesses that she has been prevented from talking to her own daughter by her therapist and it annoys her that a stranger should have any input into their relationship. It also irks her that Jon thinks she should see a shrink, as she doesn’t like the idea that the man she loves considers her broken. Yet, here she is talking to a facsimile of her mother and needing emotional comfort she gets from their interaction.

In the fourth quarter, Lehigh scrapped together the next two goals. With 6 on 6 offense hard to come by, the Mountain Hawks relied on freshman LSM Teddy Leggett taking it to the house off a face off. Then, on a restart behind the net, getting a one on one matchup with the ball in Spence’s stick, who spun inside and snuck in the game tying goal with 6:30 remaining..

There is quite a cross over between pop art and vintage posters. This is in large measure due to the fact that pop art embraced essentially vintage images, such as early comic books or advertising lithographs, and recreated or experimented with them. In fact, now a lot of pop art has become vintage, in and of itself, compounding the level of referentiality and making it a passion for many art and pop culture lovers..

The 50 year anniversary of the 1964 Wilderness Act approaches, good timing for the dialog to commence. Amending PL 95 495 and its rule makers will need to brush up on Leopold land ethics, somehow missing from the equation. Perhaps it will be best to allow things to evolve and prepare for nothing to fight.

HILLSBOROUGH There were few clear borders in North Carolina when William Churton arrived in 1748. Assigned to the Granville Land Office in Edenton, the cartographer and surveyor, along with lawyer Daniel Weldon, established a border between North Carolina and Virginia. Churton went on to establish borders for several North Carolina communities and will be honored with the dedication of a North Carolina Highway Historical Marker Nov..

Answers. That’s what attendees were digging for at Saturday’s town hall regarding a potential Liquefied Natural Gas operation. After years of speculation, a final investment decision from LNG Canada is expected later this year and panelists at the forum including a Vice President of Chevron Canada aimed at further educating the public..

Search for “micro pig” on YouTube and you will instantly be regaled with adorable videos of tiny piglets climbing stairs, playing with dogs, sleeping on couches and scampering on the beach. “There is no denying how cute they are,” says Meghann Cant, animal welfare educator for the BC SPCA. “But how many will still be cherished pets a year from now?”.