“The funds raised through the block party will go toward making up the difference between what our residents privately pay and actual costs,” Lawson said. “Some of our residents’ income is as low as $700 per month, and an increase in rent would be a hardship. For the past few years, we have hosted fundraisers to supplement our supportive services program so our seniors can remain independent.”.

George Kottaras was nine years old and living in Markham when the Blue Jays won their first World Series. The Jays haven been to the playoffs in 19 years. But Kottaras, the Canadian catcher, has been part of three big league teams, Oakland, Milwaukee and Boston.

Anyway, one saturday, in the summer of maybe 1984, work was over and the bldg was closed. Nick asked if I like to see the top of the bldg. We went to the 10th floor and as I recall, there was a small maintenance type room with a steel ladder that lead to a hatch which opened onto the roof.

Common sense made a much needed appearance in Minnesota as the state Office of Higher Education announced that it did not, in fact, plan to prevent one of the largest providers of free online courses Coursera from offering its free services to the state residents. The fact that Coursera neither offered degree programs nor charged for any of its courses seemed to have been lost on whomever made the decision to ban the company. This warning led Coursera to alter its terms of service to prevent Minnesota residents or students who planned to spend substantial time in the state from enrolling in any massive online open courses offered by the company..

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